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hey lied about the origins of Covid

They lied about covid death statistics

They lied that there was no treatment (go home and if you turn blue then go to hospital)

They lied about the ventilators & Remdesivir

They lied that the hospitals were overflowing (while they choreographed Tiktok dance routines)

They lied about the masks

They lied about the lockdowns

They lied to prevent family visiting dying relatives

They lied about outdoor transmission

They lied about Ivermectin, HCQ, Zinc & Vit D

They lied about the efficacy of the vaccines

They lied about the safety of the vaccines

They lied to try and hide their data for 75 years

They lied to hide the extent of the vaccine injuries

They lied by even calling the shots ‘vaccines’

They lied about the need for “vaccine passports”

They lied to try and justify human rights abusive vaccine mandates

They lied about the rates of myocarditis

They lied about the excess deaths

They lied when they claimed they were “following the science”

And to cover-up their lies, anyone that tried to debate the evidence or the science was labelled an “anti-vax granny killer” and censored. And they had an army of gullible useful idiots that swallowed every lie – hook, line & sinker

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