Disney: Stop Promoting the LGBTQ Agenda

Disney: Stop Promoting the LGBTQ Agenda


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The Walt Disney Co. that we grew to know and love is all but dead.

The radical Left is seeking to groom children to adopt a radical LGBTQ+ lifestyle, and Disney is actively helping them do it.

In a leaked video of an internal Disney meeting, Disney’s corporate President, Karey Burke, bragged openly of her plans to introduce more and more LGBTQ+ indoctrination to young children.

Disney is the new political muscle for the LGBTQ+ agenda. And concerned families, like yours and mine, are their opponents.

The crazy thing is… they still want, need, your money. That’s why we need to mobilize our boycott now. It is more than just another boycott but the power behind our political action.

Disney’s newfound openness in activism comes after US state of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law to protect children ten years old and younger from learning the harmful sexual orientation and gender theory indoctrination from leftist teachers in schools.

As a result, Disney CEO Robert Chapek and some of his most vocal staffers lead the charge, and they are not shy about hiding their goals.

Disney’s allies, the leftist media, quickly applauded them for including a gay kiss in what many expect to be the most profitable movie of the year, the Toy Story runoff, Lightyear.

Of course, Disney’s promotion of perversion is not new to CitizenGO, even though the rest of the world is only now starting to notice.

In 2019, over 1 million concerned parents and citizens worldwide signed our CitizenGO petition after Disney hosted its first Gay Pride event in Paris, France. With signature totals quickly reaching the 1.5 million mark, Disney executives took the beloved fairy tale Cinderella in the Muppet Babies show and turned the princess into a male character who puts on a dress, pretending to be a female.

Our campaigns have been the leading voice for families who are tired of Disney forcing the political agenda of gender ideologues and radical LGBTQ activists on them, and this caused investors to start to worry as they knew that Disney couldn’t afford to alienate families from visiting their parks and enjoying their products.

It’s time to turn up the heat. Disney still relies on families for the vast majority of their revenue, so join me in hitting them where it hurts. Sign your petition to Disney CEO Robert Chapek telling him you will stop buying Disney products, streaming services and attending Disney parks unless they end their grooming and indoctrination of children.

And as soon as you sign, please forward this email to your friends and family. It will take a firestorm of outrage from around the world to end Disney’s homosexual grooming madness.

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Mirosław Dakowski


Petition to: Disney CEO Robert Chapek

I am calling on Disney and Pixar to immediately end all LGBTQ+ grooming and indoctrination in their products. Children are not to be targeted by your political agenda, especially at ages as early as 4.

Until you end this practice of LGBTQ+ grooming and indoctrination, I will stop buying Disney products, streaming services and attending Disney parks. [Your Name]