Boosters Greatly INCREASE Covid Severity 6-9 Months after Vaccination. – To wykres, zrozumiesz!!

Boosters Greatly INCREASE Covid Severity 6-9 Months after Vaccination

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Igor Chudov

SUMMARY: UKHSA’s report shows that instead of “protecting” people from Covid-19, Covid vaccines significantly increase the risk of hospitalization in months 7-9 after vaccination.


The UK’s Health Security Agency publishes regular “vaccine effectiveness reports.” The reports were designed to have several statistical sections meant to highlight vaccine successes. Funnily, many sections had to be discontinued as “vaccine successes” turned into spectacular failures. This happened with case and death rates and the section about pregnancies, which has not been updated for months but shows a 15% drop in UK pregnancies year-on-year.

However, another section of the report allows us to see something interesting. Look at the latest Vaccine Surveillance Report for Week 5, 2023. It shows hospitalization rates for various ages based on how long ago was their last dose. The rates apply to January 2023, which is the most recent data.

The most important fact we see is that for people over 50, the most dangerous period after vaccination is between 6 and 9 months after their last dose. Their risk of hospitalization is several times higher than before six months or after nine months. The increase in risk far outweighs a small reduction in the first six months.

As a side note, this chart shows that additional boosters outright do not reduce risks for people under 50. However, those have very few hospitalizations, making the data less reliable for those ages.