Backing down is not an option. CitizenGO’s determination against the “Pandemic Treaty” is on full display.

I’ve just returned from a critical mission in Geneva, where a new Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting has just ended at the World Health Organization (WHO).
Once again, CitizenGO’s determination against the Pandemic Treaty was on full display.
Reporting back from the ground, our team was yet again on the front line, directly confronting decision-makers attending the latest round of negotiations.I am eager to share with you firsthand the ongoing developments.
Let me begin by saying thank you – because once again, your support, persistence, and generosity played a pivotal role in ensuring that our message, backed by more than 500,000 people like you, echoed through the corridors of the UN this week!I could not be more proud of the community you and I are part of, and the determination we are showing in this ongoing battle for our fundamental freedoms.
Watch the video of the CitizenGO team’s actions, outside the United Nations and WHO Headquarters in Geneva:
As you know, we are deep in the negotiation process. This was the seventh meeting by the Intergovernmental Negotiation Body, which is responsible for overseeing the development of the final draft of the Pandemic Treaty.The latest negotiations in Geneva were a battleground of ideas and principles. The Globalists and Leftists are in a mad rush to seal this Pandemic Treaty. Why? 
They’re terrified of losing, especially with CitizenGO and thousands of citizens worldwide breathing down their necks. It’s their fear that’s driving them to push so hard.
In parallel with the pandemic agreement process, governments are also negotiating amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), which is another huge concern.These meetings took place simultaneously this week – the proposed amendments are also scheduled for consideration and adoption at the next World Health Assembly in May 2024. 
Aware of this critical situation unfolding, we took to Geneva to voice your concerns about the treaty’s attack on individual freedoms and national sovereignty. We stood firm outside the UN and WHO headquarters, making our stance unmissable to the globalist bureaucrats!
As heads of state and delegates walked in and out of the building, our message was made visible, for delegates of every nation to see!We delivered your signatures, together with flyers containing crucial information on the Pandemic Treaty directly into the hands of delegates and Permanent Missions to the UN. They can’t use ignorance as an excuse – our team has hammered them time and again about the huge risks this Treaty carries. It’s nothing less than a blatant attack on our freedom and national rights.
It didn’t end there.We’ve been working nonstop, meeting with as many delegations as we can, to express our strong opposition to this draft. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got the idea: Neither you nor I are planning to back off – not by a long shot!We visited a number of Permanent Representations, meeting directly with delegates and WHO negotiators and experts.
We warned them of the possible repercussions on individual freedoms of citizens, and global health policy, as a whole.I personally delivered your signature to several delegations over the course of the week, including Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, and the European Union, amongst others.
Check out these and all other pictures here.
Our presence in Geneva was yet another testament to the power of our collective action. Now, more than ever, talking to people, and seeing what is taking place inside the decision rooms, I am witnessing firsthand the mighty force of our collective voice.What we are achieving is amazing!Despite the WHO’s drive to finalize a global agreement, the uncertainty within their ranks and their race against time, are signs of the direct impact you and I continue to have. 
Each meeting, each conversation, each leaflet, represents the voices of half a million of us, who stand united in this cause.As the negotiations progress towards the May 2024 deadline, the tension is palpable. Globalists and UN bureaucrats are aware of the growing resistance, a collective of citizens and defenders of freedom, rising in unison against this encroaching control.
Our goal now is to intensify this pressure, to leverage the Treaty’s weaknesses, and to disrupt their plans as negotiations resume in Geneva in the new year.That’s why these upcoming months are critical.We are counting on your ongoing engagement as we approach the home straight of this radical proposal.As the negotiations continue, the stakes are higher than ever.
The WHO and its allies will continue to push on and push hard!I see this every time, on every occasion I have to hear these sessions firsthand. But our mission remains unchanged – our efforts will continue to match them stride for stride.Our movement is growing from country to country. Citizens are rising up to say NO to globalist health governance.You and I do not have a choice here. It is our freedoms that are on the line.Please stay engaged, stay hopeful, and most importantly, stay with us. Our collective action can still shape a safer and freer future for us all.
Thank you for your support in this vital campaign.Sebastian Lukomski and the entire team at CitizenGOPS: The battle isn’t won yet. Our freedoms are on the line, and this is not the time to step back. 
We need your help to keep fighting against the Pandemic Treaty. 
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Your contribution will directly enable us to keep fighting for our cause. Stand with us, and let’s make a difference together! Thanks for standing firmly with CitizenGO.

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