MEMY tamtejsze… Sunday Strip: Death, Taxes, and Gun Control.

Sunday Strip: Death, Taxes, and Gun Control

To the Administrative State: AFUERA! 


The video that is destined to become a classic!

“Long live liberty!”

Afuera!  [precz !]
Everyone’s new favorite word!

[oddać broń???]

This one is so on target, I have to put it in here (again).

Jill and I went grocery shopping this week for Thanksgiving. Due to extensive travel in October and November, combined Jill’s method of buying items on sale and “stocking up”; we haven’t done a big run in about a month. Talk about sticker shock – the prices have literally jumped up 25% on major items in just a few short weeks. 

Then there is the prices on restaurant food. Wow! As we eat out a lot, due to travel – it seems like every week, prices are going up and up.

I guess this only silver lining is that people are most likely eating at home more. I view this as a very good thing.

Of note- as Jill and I have been fixated on fixing our diet for over a year, we are eating less food. 
Just eating less has made a difference in our food bill. We are consuming less and that is reflected in overall household costs. Just something to think about.

So, for me – This Babylon Bee piece on inflation below is still on target. 

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“Actually – What I was going to ask you… is where did you put the insurance policy book?”

Have a great day folks!