Bucza: Zabici wstają – i machają rączkami! Crisis Actor Waves at Camera While Playing ‘Road Dead’

Zabici wstają – i machają rączkami !

Busted Bucha: Ukie Crisis Actor Waves at Camera While Playing ‘Road Dead’ for NATO/Nazis


KP.ru special correspondent Alexander Kots, who has spent the last weeks moving with the advanced units of the Russian Army towards Kiev, explains why Kiev and Europe will not be able to blame our military for human casualties among the civilian population of Bucha, and what is wrong with the story about ” Ukrainian Srebrenica.

Ukraine is dispersing a new “crime against humanity”. Entering the cities of the Kiev region, which the Russian troops left as part of the regrouping, the nationalists from the terbats suddenly found the streets littered with the corpses of civilians. Traces of torture, bound hands, scarlet blood – footage from the city of Bucha chills the soul.

Ukrainian propaganda paints a terrible picture of the “Russian occupation”, under which real sadists bullied the locals. Here it is, Ukrainian Srebrenica.

By analogy with the “massacre” of Bosnian Muslims in Yugoslavia, in which the Serbs were accused. Although their version, which was significantly inferior in scale to the official one, no one took into account.

Now I will explain why Srebrenica in Bucha is a lie. I will not analyze the position of bodies relative to the road and look for similarities of corpses in different locations. Many have already done this for me. There, the hands of the “corpses” move, and in the rear-view mirror, the “killed” are resurrected.

The tactics of video dramatizations ceased to amaze me even in Syria, where, based on the productions of the White Helmets, a decision was made to launch massive missile strikes. And here the teachers of information and psychological operations are the same – with brightly protruding British ears.



There is no doubt in my mind. This is a forged atrocity propaganda scene. Those people on the ground are alive and were placed there. I have gone through the original posts with this video and the same bodies are moving.

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