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Church Revolution in Pictures

John Paul II watches and endorses by his presence the immorality of scantily dressed young artists performing at the Vatican in the Paul VI Room.

L’Osservatore Romano, 1981.


Papua New Guinea, May 8, 1984

At a Mass said by John Paul II (third from left), the Epistle is read by a bare-breasted young native woman in paint and native garb.


Indecent acrobatics for the Pope – II
Picture 2 – A young woman gives an acrobatic performance for the Pope, who watches with other ecclesiastics. Her posture is clearly indecent, and one wonders when JPII applies to himself the precept of custody of the eyes

Arturo Mari, Rome


Nude native at papal Mass – II
Papua New Guinea, May 8, 1984 – Picture 2 – The bare-breasted native woman leaves the Pope’s presence after presenting the Offertory gifts – Foto Felici, Rome


Papal blessing for the skintight leotards
Vatican, January 1985 – Wearing skintight leotards, an acrobat fromThe American Circus of Italy walks away under admiring glances after receiving the Pontiff’s blessing at the Vatican – ABC [Madrid], January 25, 1985


JPII gives the Holy Eucharist to a topless woman
Above, John Paul II giving Communion to a bare-breasted native woman,
Papua New Guinea, May 8, 1984. Below, a close-up of the Pope and his Mass’ audience.
074_MassPapua.jpg - 38612 Bytes
Foto Felici,   Rome


JPII enjoys the performance at the Vatican
of a young acrobat who balances herself
on the hands of her partners.

Agenzia Gionalistica Italia S.Pa., Rome


Posted September 1, 2003


Our Lady of La Salette, restore the Holy Church